Monday, May 12, 2008

Microsoft Groove does stuff...

I was trying to explain to someone what MS Infopath is for, and why anyone would want it; I couldn't. The best I could give them is it makes it nice if you have MS Sharepoint, (apparently you have to have the Enterprise edition to do forms though).

Their response was "What is Sharepoint?"

Sharepoint is a collaboration server, like public folders but better. Not a lot better, but a little better. It has some back end stuff so Admins can police usage, and customize for the site, and it has roll back features, version tracking and such. There is personal homepages, and team sites, communication and collaboration, but you have to have Communication Server for some features of that work really well. Sharepoint also has some cool Business intelligence stuff you can do, using Biztalk server as the middleware.



My point is it seems like Microsoft is in the business of selling products with features can only be unlocked with the next upgrade. The carrot is the new features the stick is that you are already in bed with them and if you rely on the .net framework much you really are in bed with them.

----------------------Updated Post----------------------------
I actually get to the point about what it is that Groove does.

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