Monday, May 19, 2008

No, just no. This has got to stop.

I am not sure how I got to this point but for some reason I watched

It is stupid, just click on the link and watch it. I have time, go ahead.

The show makes my brain hurt. I watch some stupid shit on tv, but goddamn that show might be the 4th horseman of the coming apocalypse. I also apologize to everyone that clicked that link and lost 3-4 IQ points for having watched it. I am sorry.

Here is some less pointless video for your trouble, besides this one will make you laugh. If you enjoy it and wonder what the source material is, please for the love of god don't go looking for it. It does exists on youtube, it came from Canada, and there is a techo breakdown in the middle of each verse. Do not for any reason look for it.

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