Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Problem now solution

So it couldn't have been but a couple of days ago that I read the worst energy users in the US household is the Cable Provided DVR.  It was posted several places, but Lifehacker is where I saw the post.  Basically the consumer electronics made on the behalf of the Cable and Satellite companies are cheap (no surprise) and wasteful.  They do not have advanced power saving features and chew about 1/2 as much energy as a refrigerator.

That is outright crazy.

It doesn't affect me personally as I use my PC as a DVR, but still crazy to think about.  Now we have a problem, boom.  Engadget posted a potential solution.  A really tiny ass streamer reference design.  This thing is tiny and low power; what do you bet it never makes it to US consumers homes?  The providers will just say there is nothing that can be done, (read it would cost us money to fix the problem and we don't want to give any of that shit up).


  1. It's surprisingly popular considering nobody really highlighted how much of a energy drain they are til now.

    I smell a conspiracah

  2. Well they won't last forever so they'll have to be replaced. Leaving the hole for the much more efficient 4th iteration or whatever.