Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ikea hack that doesn't suck

I subscribe to Ikea hacker based only on the premise that it is fun to mix and match from different series and get interesting results.  My trouble with most of them is that rather than a repurousing the "hacks" often are a little more art project than furniture.  Fancy lamp shades or some other b.s.

This hack is actually pretty much the reason I follow, the diamond in the ruff so to speak.  A lift up bed for access to under bed storage.

I have a King size bed that I actually use the void beneath for storage and the way it works for me is I have to pull the mattress all the way off the bed and then pull out one of the box springs.  Thankfully the box spring is just two full sized box springs rather than a single king, I could not imagine trying to maneuver that size of a box spring up the damn stairs.  I think I could ditch the box springs and switch over the the Ikea equivalent, but the hydralics would have to be really heavy duty to hold the weight of the bed.  


  1. looks like a nice place to spend the night!

  2. Haha, that's cool.