Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adobe to the front of the vulnerability line (again)

Adobe is quickly becoming the thorn in my side, I cannot stand that they do not offer an enterprise patching solution. I am starting to think that I need to find a non-Adobe product to use for sending documents. I could choose xps, at least vulnerabilities in that can be patched via automatic updates and WSUS. I was going to abstain from Silverlight too, but I am starting to think if Air+Flash+PDF become the defacto, or even widely accepted, I am going to have to roll my own Adobe auto-update deployment utility. If only Adobe would put the latest msi of all of their products out on their site, I would be able to to push it via group policy.

Adobe it is time to grow up, you power many businesses, Microsoft actually requires that contracts be sent via PDF rather than fax as a "green initiative" for some of the dealings I have had with them(in fairness the contracts in question sometimes are hundreds of pages and they redo them daily as the event gets closer). You need to offer an enterprise console that allows me to point my client machines to a update server. I would prefer that it could be run on any port, and just run as a standard web service, that I can schedule update checks, and silently install them on my users machines. This is your responsibility, and you have avoided it for way too long.

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