Thursday, July 16, 2009 support software

Given the number of people that I give casual support to, I am often on the look out for solutions that allow me to support them without having to go to their homes and troubleshoot. My current weapon of choice is Logmein; which saves them having to know their IP address and lets me show them the steps I am taking to complete a task. This type of scenario works well for the high-speed internet users in your life, but is not a very great solution overall given that it relies on their internet connection being in a working state, and still requires my time to correct issues. I found this company from an ad link in a technology feed that I read and was wondering if anyone had used their product and could attest to how well (or poorly) it works. It seems that it would be a decent product to base a tech support business on, provided that it was functional and added support of vista/windows 7 in the near future. I realize that some people are not keen on it, but I have been running Vista for sometime, now on modern hardware with no issues (legacy support is a different story).

The idea seems pretty simple that you install the software and it runs a diagnostic to determine what parts of XP are broken and attempts to download the working pieces off their repository. Seems like it would be a workable scheme, but the pricing is interesting. I realize if they offered a just one for free plan that most customers would never end up paying, so I am don't fault them for their monetization plan. I will likely give it a go for the single license and use the money back guarantee if I am not satisfied with the outcome.

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