Monday, February 13, 2012

Shredded chicken

I read about a way to quickly shred chicken in your mixer and get results that look like this

I can vouch that it works.  I cooked some chicken on my Gorge Foreman grill tossed it in the mixing bowl and watched the chicken jump out the sides!  Second try I had the flour guard on and that kept the little buggers in there to be beaten to a pulp.  Given how often I feel annoyed at the amount of counter space the Kitchenaid commands it is always a good thing when I come up with a use for it.  I expect that it could do the same for any meat that is shreddable,  and plan on trying this trick again in the future.  I used it for BBQ chicken sandwiches and chicken tacos this weekend so having shredded chicken around is pretty handy for quick meals.


  1. Amazing that the mixer did this, gonna have to try this!

  2. Does it matter if you use breasts, thighs, etc? I'm guessing anything boneless will work.

    1. I used breasts, but I would agree with your assumption.

  3. that would be perfect for tacos

  4. Awesome. Shredded chicken is good for so many things.

  5. I'm gonna try that the next time I cook.

  6. It's been a long while since I ate something like this. I'll try it with mayonnaise.