Thursday, February 02, 2012

HR 1981 aka Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act

A few commenters have brought this up and I have taken action personally, but this will be the first time I actually write it down.

Demand Progress has a form for contacting your Reps about what is being dubbed the internet snooping bill that wants to create a federally searchable database of your name, address, phone number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and temporarily-assigned IP addresses.  This seems like a terrible idea on it's face, lets make a huge database for scammers and con-artists to target; but what's worse is the intent of creating a surveillance state.  As long as you value your individual liberty, and like that the government does not have access to the books you peruse at the library (who goes there any more?) you should be concerned about this.

I personally took action with and if you want to see the letter I sent to my representatives you can see it here, you can also read about the bill here.  This is another nasty bit of legislation from the lovely Senator that brought you SOPA.

Thanks to Dreadnaught, neatfit, A Beer for the Shower, and Baur for pestering me to say something about this. Sometimes after I've taken action I forget to talk about it with people I know or interact with.


  1. I already signed up, and I'm glad to see this being posted/passed around. What I didn't know was that HR 1981 was the brainchild of Lamar Smith. I mean, seriously, does this guy have nothing better to do than plot various ways to murder the Internet?

  2. Great to see more people talking about it. And to think this bill was written in 2011, sneakily waiting for SOPA to fail to sneak by and get fast tracked >:[ idk what this guys obsession is with censoring the net and monitoring people but it needs to stop.

  3. Will someone kill that senator and stop all this bullshit from happening? Can't the masses impeach that guy from his position?

    1. Careful that is exactly the type of BS that lead to Gabrielle Giffords getting shot. The threat of violence is not an acceptable manner of Political discourse. Gangsters, thugs, and dictators use the language of violence to further their goals and I expect that we are capable of removing him from office by popular vote than some childish lashing out.