Thursday, February 23, 2012

Being ignored

So I'm apparently on a social justice kick of late, and this article was pretty interesting in relation to how being ignored hurts.  I couldn't help but consider the impact of being ignored on the homeless.  I live in a relatively large city and you see people that are living on the street begging all the time, and if you are an avid people watcher you will see that most of the people on the street flatly ignore them.  I'm adverse to giving handouts to the people begging, particularly because I almost always see the same people coming out of stores with tall boys of beer.  The people that I do support are the vendors of Real Change a Seattle newspaper that is sold by the presently or formerly homeless.  It costs them $.35 and and they sell them for a dollar and goes to people that are working to not be beggars.  I'm not sure if there are other cities with programs like this one, but it's nice to have a way of supporting the people that are genuinely trying to turn their lives around and not the people that are not ready to.

What about you?  How do  you react to the homeless?


  1. that is actually a really good idea. I feel terrible about ignoring those people at the side of the road, and at gas stations. but like you say there are problems i have with it. I have friends who are homeless, and all the money they get begging they spend on drugs, clothes and partying, nothing is spent trying to better their lives. Its unfortunate

  2. I used to help out at a local soup kitchen when at university and got to know a lot of homeless people. Being ignored often reinforces their own issues with society.
    I've always made an effort to acknowledge people begging on the street even if its just to give a polite 'no sorry'. I never think giving money actually helps but manners cost nothing... then again there are no easy solutions to problems like homelessness.

    ...and yes on my blog I was being deliberately cynical/satirical ;-)

  3. I know they definitely have a paper like this in Chicago. I can't recall what it's called, but I have bought a couple issues in the past couple years. I think that was one of the biggest things that killed me living there. I just couldn't ignore the homeless people. I always at least talked to them. I rarely got cursed at for turning someone down a quarter. It happened, but not that often.

  4. I donate my computers processing power to science. High tech charity

  5. i always try to give homeless people whatever food i have with me, or i'll buy them a sandwich, but i never give out money.

  6. I was walking home once, and saw a homeless man just sleeping on the streets. I randomly just woke him up, asked him if he was hungry, and when he said yes, I stood up and went to go buy a hamburger, and then gave it to him. He looked really happy, and it made me feel good, too. :P.

  7. How others perseive you affects your mind, being looked down apon can often make people feel tense.

    They have that paper thing where I'm from too, but I'm from BC (right above washington state) so it still might be a some what local thing.

  8. Anonymous3:33 AM

    I make it a point to be cordial to everyone I cross paths with. I acknowledge and greet all. Think of that annoying woman, eternally optimistic, that you only see in sitcoms. That's me. If I have the money, I will surely share it with those that are in need. What they do with it once it's in their possession is none of my business.

    1. well that is exceptionally christian of you, I'm not as comfortable with the notion that the money I gave someone might be the money used to by the bit of drugs that killed them. Hey optimism springs eternal in those without conscience.