Thursday, July 14, 2011

Red Rabbit Ale

The next red that I brewed was Red Rabbit Ale, I thought based on its ingredients that I would have a more potent beer, somehow it was also weak. OG of 1.04956 and FG of 1.0166 for 4.4%ABV

Malt Extract: 6Lbs Pale Bulk Malt Extract
Specialty Grains: 3/4 lb Red Wheat Malt
1/2lb Crystal 120° L Malt
1/2lb Belgian Caravienne
1/4lb Dextrin Malt
Boilig Hops: 1oz Centennial Hops
Finishing Hops: 1oz Mt. Hood Hops
Yeast Munton's Ale Dry Yeast

1)Place the crushed grains into 2 strainer bags, 1lb per bag. If using leaf hops, place the boiling and finishging hops in seperate bags. Pellet hops need no be placed in bags, as they will not be strained out later.

2)Pour 2 1/2 gallons into the kettle. Ad grain bags to your kettle and bring the water almost to a boil. Remove the kettle from heat and let it sit fort 10 minutes.

3)Carefully remove the grain bags and place them into a strainer over the kettle. Rinse the grain bags with one quart of hot water into the kettle and dispose of the spent grains.

4)Add the malt extract to the kettle and stir until it is completely dissolved. Place the kettle back on the burner and bring it to a boil.

5)Once a vigorous boil has been achieved, add the boiling hops. Time the boil for one hour from this point.
6)After 55 minutes of boiling, add the finishing hops.

7)Let the boil continue for 5 minutes then remove the kettle from heat. Cover the kettle and let it cool for 20 minutes before continue.

8)If using leaf hops, carefully remove the hop bags from the kettle and place them in a strainer over the fermentor. Pour 2 1/2 gallons of very cold water into the fermentor (pour this over any leaf hops to rinse them).

9)Add the contents of the kettle to the cold water in the fermentor. Top up the fermentor to 1 inch over the 5 gallon mark with cold water.

10) Prepare yeast to package directions and pitch into fermentor when it reaches 80°F


  1. Wish I had all the equipment, sounds delicious!

  2. you can do that or just go to a cellar and buy yourself some beer for a few euros :P just kidding, i appreciate your effort and dedication mate, thanks for the tips and keep it up!

  3. @to tipota it depends on what you are after. These recipes are pretty conventional, but everyone needs to start somewhere. If you for instance wanted Mac & Jack's in the UK you cannot get it. They distribute to Washington, Idaho and Oregon in the US only. The next recipe is a clone for a northwest only beer.

  4. Sounds great! +follow

  5. I'm laughing because the Amazon contextual ad I saw next to this post was for a book with the title:
    50 Signs of Mental Illness

    Is brewing beer one of the signs?

  6. This could be good.

  7. yummy! :O