Thursday, July 07, 2011

Club Bing

So one of the things that Microsoft started doing a few years ago as part of promoting Bing was start the website Club Bing.  It is really just a bunch of word games that you play for tickets.  Every game has some allotment of tickets you can earn, but I mostly play Chictionary, Word Slugger or Spelling Bee (note they are all the same game, with different skins) because they have the highest payout of tickets for time spent on a puzzle.  No the name of the game is to make words using the letters you get each round.  It is like an anagram, it's mostly stupid and would take forever for most people to complete each puzzle.  I finish each puzzle in between 1.5 minutes to 3 minutes.  How the F do I do that?  Well my friends that is what anagramssolved is for.

Now a sane person might ask why use a website to help you win a stupid word game from Microsoft?  Well it's the tickets you see, Since I have been playing I have won enough tickets for an Xbox360, and a digital picture frame.  If you get the daily maximum you can get the top prizes in about 90 days of playing (500 tickets max/day).  If the top prizes are what you are after then you want to keep your time played to a minimum, and get max yield on tickets.  Hence the anagram solver.  In a little over an hour you can get the daily max tickets and get on with your day.  The free xbox was enough to prove it to me, but at the beginning the prize department couldn't keep track of their shit so I actually ended up with 2 xboxes shipped to me.  I wouldn't count on that happening to anyone ever again and the 360 will likely never be the top prize again, but some of the stuff could be sold.  The Kitchenaide mixer retails for about $200 on amazon, but closer to $300 in stores.

What do you think, waste of time or interesting way to get free stuff?



  1. Sounds like a cool place. good price reduction.
    +1 and fallowing!

  2. Maybe I'll give it a try

  3. If it takes over an hour a day I will just say for calculations sake it is 1 hour. The 360 costs 200$, take that and divide it by 90 and that means you are making $2.2 an hour. I am not sure that is enough for me to want to pursue.

  4. I tried this for a while but lost interest quickly.