Tuesday, October 16, 2012

what the what?

Alright so I'm sure I must have seen this on Jezebel or something, but anyone got the stones to give My Secret Concierge a go?

Never heard of it?  You apparently use your time on the internet for more "appropriate" activities than I choose to and I refuse to be judged for it!  Any how, seems like an interesting thing if you have several things going for you.

  1. Cash you are totally excited to part with
  2. Some kind of fantasy that you don't have a particular interest in arranging yourself but would totally do
  3. no shame
Is my list missing anything?  I mean really as adults how hard is it to google Boudoir photography in x town (where x is the town you live in), and proceed from there.  I randomly (or not that randomly I suppose) even know a photographer that specifically markets that he does these type of shoots, friend of a friend type of situation but none the less I'm sure that there are plenty of photographers that would totally be happy to help your Significant other get gussied up and take photo's of them while partially or fully nude.  Feel free to totally be comfortable with that, some dude taking neeked or semi-neeked pictures of your wife or girlfriend.  Because let's not kid ourselves here percentage of proprietors of this type of business that are dudes is approaching 100%.  Nuff said, then they offer to arrange your own 50 Shades fantasy, oh how kind of you to make me a billionare, with stalker tendencies and strange affliction with contracts as a prerequisite to sticking hard members into your inner goddess. (I realize this article is turning a little blue as it where if it makes you uncomfortable, well do something else more "appropriate" with your time.)

But what this boils down to for me is have you ever used the concierge desk?  They can be really useful and get you free appetizers at fancy restaurants (well assuming you didn't stay at the best western, which probably doesn't even know how to spell concierge), but for your naughty bits?  I feel like you should probably grow a set of stones and make those arrangements yourself. 

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