Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BBQ Corned Beef

So in the spirit of that last post, I made this BBQ Corned beef a while ago on my Weber kettle grill, and forgot to finish posting about it.  Really I found the recipe after there was a sale on corned beef (after St. Patrick's day).  I liked the idea of this recipe because the sauce was mustard based, and I had just gotten into Lay's Tangy Carolina BBQ chips.

While you could technically say that the process worked, I started the grill at 6 PM on a weeknight and didn't finish until 3:30 AM the next day.  Now I've mentioned that I'm a huge masochist for food prep, I did a second pitch of yeast on my 1 year old Vanilla Bourbon Porter and plan on sitting on it for another 8 months.  I know how to play long ball with food prep.  I've made vegetable stock in my 7.5 gallon stock pot and roasted several dozen head of garlic to prep for a dinner date with some friends.  This little BBQ adventure in minding the fire was the most exhausting thing I have ever cooked.  Hard Lump charcoal is an adventure unto itself, and the propane torch I was using to accelerate the lighting of it was not helping matters.  You have to let it warm up on it's own accord, and since watching Alton Browns little BBQ show I learned that Propane emits moisture so I was messing myself up by using it to help maintain temperatures on the grill while the charcoal get going whenever I needed to feed the fire.  In this regard the Smokenator would have been a huge help, as I wouldn't have had to fully remove the lid and loose all of the heat to toss a little extra charcoal on top of the already lit stuff.  That would have helped get the new stuff going and helped keep the temperatures more even.

For all the hours I spent doing this cooking I somehow managed to not take a picture!

So I suppose I'll just have to make it again.


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