Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brain abuse

So perennial link bait site Lifehacker had this little gem of a post about brain abuse.

It's a short article, but the gist of it is your brain is important so stop using it ineffectively for things it doesn't do well, and don't do things that make it preform poorly.

Basically don't re-think things, leave things half finished, work on too many things at the same time, or try to rely on your brain to remind you of things.  It's some pretty good advice, even if the examples are pretty thin and little evidence is offered why this are abusing your brain I think most people can identify with the articles thrust and agree with some of his recommendations.

For me it's the half finished work and re-thinking that gets me into trouble.  I don't feel fully responsible for these failings as sometimes the trouble is reality has constraints and those constraints prevent me from finishing a project (time, money and expertise for instance are limiting constraints) that cause me to have to come back to projects to wrap them up.  All of that just forces me into rethinking items in an effort to prioritize projects as the resource become available.

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