Sunday, October 28, 2012

If you needed evidence that the French are crazy...

Look no farther than this recipe on the Wall Street Journal.  I'll admit that I'm interested in trying it, but mostly because I'm a huge masochist when it comes to food prep.  One ingredient in this needs 36 hours of salt curing, and then is slow poached in the oven for 4-10 hours.  Read that first part there, one of the ingredients!  Another of the ingredients is garlic simmered in oil for an hour but the oil cannot boil, how's that for a balancing act!  And finally the thing that draws me to this recipe is the cookware you need to do it in.  I really like enamel covered cookware, both for appearance and the even heating.


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  2. If you try it, you'd better blog about it.

    "Day 3. Haven't slept in 72 hours. Ruined the garlic confit because I kept boiling the oil. This is my 7th attempt. I've lost 10 pounds from not eating because I can't leave this pot. My wife left me. I think I'm seeing things."