Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thought snippet

It is easier to critique than create, simpler to consume than to make, and the risk of failure greatly reduced.  In the world if you look around you will see this born out a thousand times a day.  Be bold, and create in the face of this.

I don't have any context for this, it was just a thought I had the other day.  I read it here in my drafts and I still feel this way, more now than when I first wrote it.  My Dad and I had this really long conversation the other day, he is very hard of hearing but with his new iPhone 4s we got him for Christmas, he can actually hear me quite well (better than he hears in person).  Given that he is becoming a disabled person as he gets older, the hearing assistance offered in venues like movie theaters and comedy shows is becoming a pain point for him.  He proposed a decent alternative to the current system that uses your iPhone, my hardware idea would be usable on any smartphone.  I need to do a little leg work to verify the audio systems in movie theaters and venues are similar (or the same) to ensure that this will all work, but I think there is an somewhat untapped market here.


  1. That seems like a terrific idea!

  2. Neat idea! Just be sure to contact your government officials to prevent sopa lol!

  3. Anonymous12:16 PM

    I would love to know about coding android and become rich doing that stuff.

  4. Hopefully it goes well. If not, wait a bit longer and I'm sure someone will develop something that does work.

  5. this was the first post I couldn't comment on and the one I wanted to comment on the most!

    Critique is the foundation of creating! You critique first to find all the problems then move to finding there solutions!

    You should deffinitly work on that idea! I could see it making someone lots of money! Good luck!