Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End in Sight

So it begins, twice a week my wife will be in the hospital watching the little guy grow for the next 8 weeks. We knew that there was going to be a major time crunch at the end of the pregnancy when we started with a high risk clinic, but twice a week with one appointment scheduled to be 3 hours each week is going to start to get old for my wife. The good news is she can read and watch movies during the time, and she is a pretty happy go lucky person so hospital time is actually ok for her. Couple that with the nurses and Doctors are there for her benefit I think she likes and appreciates the attention given to our soon to be here son. We are hoping that we won't need the services and that this is all just precaution, but man that is a lot of time in the hospital for her.

I don't know that most people have the commitment that I'm see in her right now, not once during this whole thing has she complained about inconvenience, or blinked at requests to change anything. I'm pretty sure at this point there is very little she wouldn't do or give up to have this kid in her arms.

As for me, I'm glad it isn't me in the hospital as I have a low tolerance for my time being wasted.


  1. Bless her heart. I did not know ya'll were going through a high risk situation. How scary for you both. Take all the normal worries and dial them way up, right?

    I'm glad to read she's being so serene about it all, those good vibes are felt by the baby, I am sure of it.

    Best of luck to the three of you.

  2. I wish you all the best.

  3. That's unfortunate that it's a high risk situation, but it sounds like you couldn't have a better person going through this with you. We're pulling for you!

  4. You can never be too careful. We're with you man!

  5. Good luck for the 3 of you