Thursday, June 06, 2013

nothing gets done before midnight

Nothing gets done before midnight.

This phrase has been rattling around in my head for the last week or so, and seems to be the pace of things in  my life and household any more. I needed to bottle a beer to get it out of the damn heat, got to bed just before 1 AM. Needed to make a new round of protein bars, got upstairs at 12:01. If I plan on getting in a workout tonight, I'll wager you I don't get a wink more than 5 hours so I can get up and go to spin class. I don't have anyone but myself to blame I suppose, but it takes until almost 8 to get dinner cooked and eaten and some order in the kitchen restored. Then round about an hour to get the boy to bed, so I can work on something not family related. You'd be surprised how little you can get done in 3 hours.

Last night it was getting rhubarb chopped and into bags to freeze. I'm planning on making rhubarb wine, and my family sent me about 30lbs of it to get me started, I didn't even get that delivery until just before 9 PM, and didn't start working until 10:30.

In any event the summer is getting started in earnest after dragging it's feet all through May and I've got strawberries that look to be coming in nicely and tomatoes that I hope aren't in the pot too late to deliver some fruit before August. I've made a bit of a fence on one side of the back patio to try and contain a very mobile toddler, and am working on plans to make him something like this digger out in the back. I've got wine to make, a sprint triathlon in the middle of the month and more ideas for things to write rattling around inside of my head. In truth I've had the blogger page open in a browser tab for the last week trying to get around to posting something. It's pretty amazing to me that I used to post at least once a day here.

Sometimes I guess you just run out of things to say.

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