Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Going to Bat

I won't make any comments about either his service in the US military or the rest of his congressional record, but John McCain is sort of my hero this second. It's dull to watch for sure, but he introduced legislation to force cable companies and network operators to offer a la carte programming (choose just the channels you want) and prevent local market sports blackouts when the venue or team publicly funded. Both of these things are awesome, and chances of passing are about nill. The third point of the legislation should sound like an awesome victory for the startup Aero.

Source: The verge


  1. fuck, that would be nice. i seriously leave my tv on one channel and very rarely deviate from it.

    the channel choice? the one that plays daily show and colbert report, the only shows i watch!

  2. I'm surprised he's still relevant in the media. That's what's impressive in my eyes.