Tuesday, June 11, 2013

High-Intensity Interval Training Infographic

This is mostly for my own reference, but maybe it's interesting to you too.

I've been working with weights in the gym and seen some success in weight loss, but I'm needing to add cardio if I ever have a prayer of meeting anything but strength goals. Being somewhat short on time I think HIIT is the way to go for my needs. I need to rest a bit this week because I've got a sprint triathlon this weekend, but this is a good reference for next week. I'll try the Tabata method for 4 weeks and see if it's worth anything, and then try the Little method.  Keep in mind I'm just trying to add days of cardio on my off days of weight lifting, the turbulence method would make it even harder to get through my lift sets. As it is, I sometimes feel like I need a banana just to get through my lifts. Adding cardio into that and I'd probably pass out.

The Complete Guide to Interval Training
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