Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I call Vaporware

I am a confessed Media Center lover, and have bought into the whole universe that Microsoft wants to put in my living room. I have the Media Center PC, I have the Xbox360, I have the Zune, I have a HP generation 1 extender, and 2 Media Center Portables, where the hell are the cool sideshow devices I was promised?

I seriously hope that Ricavision has some other way of making money, because at more than a year and the only product close to market, (that was supposed to have shipped this summer) is still not shipping... you do have to start wondering if the pretty pictures are anything more than the Phantom Console was.

In closing the current model of

1.Announce product
3.never ship product

needs to be transformed to

1.Announce product
3.Ship product

In closing Ricavision sucks right now because the won't give me shiny things to buy.

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