Thursday, October 16, 2008

Motorloa S9 Bluetooth Headphones

I bought a pair of Motorola S9 Bluetooth Headphones to listen to music on my Helio and am more than a little sad about the limitations of these headphones. The fit is pretty snug on my average sized head, and I am not a huge fan of the way they fit into my ears but when they are working it is pretty awesome to not have wires tangles all around me.

The good:
Once they are paired the connection is solid indoors and sound is very nice on both music and calls. The buttons on the device are responsive (once you finally get the layout of the buttons figured out) and very useful for navigating tracks on a playlist, as well as taking calls. Indoors the distance is as good as other hands free devices I own and I can set my phone in the middle of the house and walk the majority of that level of the floor with very nice connectivity. Also the battery life is pretty amazing, I can play between 6 and 10 hours on a single charge (most of a week of commutes for me).

The bad:
I am really not sure where the blame lies for this, but unless the headphones and phone are damn near touching I get dropped audio outdoors. Indoors is fine, outdoors crap. I like to keep listening to music as I walk from the bus into work, and it literally cannot happen. As soon as I step off the bus, I get several seconds of dropped audio, and it happens several times a minute while outdoors. Step inside a building and the connection will not drop again. I need to find someone else with a phone that supports the AD2P Bluetooth profile to test on their phone, but I cannot recommend the Helio Ocean as a running companion with the Motorola S9 Headphones. I have heard from others that work outdoors that have Motorola phones that they have never had any such problems, but that is very unscientific, and I have not been able to reproduce.

Other cons include the very unconformable fit of the headphones, even on an average sized head they squeeze and the style of ear buds leaves my ears sore after a several minutes of use. The final con for me is the Repairing has to be forced. My cheapo Bluetooth headset auto repairs when I am in range, and I rarely think twice about it. The S9 requires a manual repairing every time. Every single time, which can be really crappy.

In short I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, but maybe your luck will be better.

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