Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So I forgot to say I do own a 360...

Right so remember my trashing the Xbox360 a while ago... yeah I do own one now, but I didn't pay for it. I didn't steal it either, but I am proof that MS is giving you stuff to play that silly Club Live. I played enough to earn 35,000 tickets and they did in fact send me and Xbox. I am not so sure if I would do it again for the 55k tickets they want for the same package, but what do I know.

So verdict, I bought Xboxlive account, own a Zune, and otherwise suckle at the teat of Microsoft. Sell out or whatever, I love TF2. I suck for the most part, but still enjoy the crap out of it top score of 16 points an engi is proof of my failure.

In spite of having received my prize I still play the damn Club Live, because I actually enjoy word puzzles, and I may eventually win another interesting prize.

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