Monday, March 11, 2013

Silly things that fill the day up

This sounds silly, but I was on a blogger break.  I was feeling a little used up mentally so I decided to take some me time and ruminate on why it is that I even post here in the first place.  The beer posts make sense, that's the stuff I'm doing and what interests me so sure I'll probably keep posting about that.  I post music sometimes, and generally it's the stuff that I'm interested in, or that I find challenging so I'll probably keep posting that.  My "book" reports, the things I'm reading and why they're important to the world at large where interesting to me, so those will stay.  On of the things I was posting about a fair amount was electronics and toys, and while those things interest me a fair amount I've stopped following "gadget" blogs and feel like this has taken a fair amount of weight off my shoulders.  It was a crushing number of posts to get through, and half the time it was about apple products that I didn't care about, and the rest of the time about cameras or phones or some other shit.  With that not taking up space in my head, I've been left wondering what to do.

I'm working on some art related things and I've been trying to write creatively more frequently, but those things take time so any posts about them would be few and far between.  I've been in the gym quite frequently of late and have a few goals related to that, but not terribly interesting outside the purely empirical sense so I don't think I'll post about that.  Maybe some general stuff related to what I'm working on and any sports nutrition/science stuff I come across.  I've been flirting with the Flexitarian diet on and off for the past few years and may be looking to make it a more permanent feature of our diet this year so Vegetarian recipes that I really enjoyed may be a feature as well from time to time.

What about you why do you still come back to blogger?


  1. I don't think I'm the average blogger.
    My blog is stream of consciousness venting and I only read a handful of peeps who all read each other. I come back because y'all are my friends, I care and shit.

  2. The two of us blog because we love entertaining people, and we've made a lot of great blog friends along the way. It's always nice to see how they're doing and what they're up to, but more than that, it's amazing how much you can learn if you find the right blogs. This one included.

    Also, I responded to your comment today, and while I truly appreciate your advice, you're preaching to the choir and the things you listed are already more than covered. That's how I know something is definitely wrong with me and it's not just life kicking me in the ass for not taking proper care of myself.

    Oh, and I don't know if I'd consider it flexitarian, but I've been eating a lot more vegetarian dishes over the past few years. Polenta, grilled eggplant, tofu, and portabello mushrooms have become a staple in my household.