Thursday, November 15, 2012

ITU and the internet

Okay so I watched the video below, and am not so sure if I agree with them or not.  Thus far the US hasn't really bungled the management of the Internet, but that is not to say that they can't and the ITU itself isn't the trouble per se but rather the people that get to vote on and submit resolutions.  I do broadly agree that there are more countries that want to censor the internet then do not, and the openness of the governance has thus far helped users insure that those urges are not the consensus.  I signed the petition, but I'm sort of iffy on how if this is the catastrophe SOPA and PIPA where.


  1. I'm against most forms of censorship.
    To me censorship = limiting ideas, which leads to good ideas being bad and bad ideas sucking even more

  2. Leave the Internet alone. Seriously.

    Ugh, it's garbage like this that makes me want to start learning how to use the Darknet.

  3. I too am skeptical as to whether this is SOPA/PIPA level, but still, it sickens me to think that as long as the Internet exists, there will ALWAYS be people who want to have complete control over it.

  4. Owch this is scary! I hope freedom reigns supreme and censorship never happens!... but I'm a dreamer.