Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I'll keep this short

I don't typically wax poetic about politics as well I can barely stand to listen to the hateful, and spittle filled rage of people that aren't as progressive in their politics.  I'm proud of you Washington; legalizing pot, gay marriage and Obama.

On gay marriage, I literally could not be more pleased with the depth of compassion it took to realize this in our state.  It is purely a logical extension of the non-discrimination from the state, churches not only do you not have to recognize these marriages I encourage you not to.  The more irrelevant you make yourselves the better.  Any argument that this opens up the door to marrying goats, or our children or about how this lessens the value of heterosexual marriage falls flat in the face of a loving couple that wants to spend the rest of their lives together.  Equating gays to goats is petty and not worth addressing, insinuating that homosexuality encourages incest takes a leap of logic I cannot follow, but finally I think heterosexuals have done a fine job of tarnishing marriages reputation all by themselves; I'm sure there isn't any new indignities to be brought to bear.

Legalizing possession of marijuana, is the first step in what is sure to be a long conversation about the values of our country.  Sending people to prison with no chance parole because of possession is a farce of justice, and the systematic injustices of drug enforcement particularly to non-white offenders only starts to be unwound by decriminalizing something that is no more harmful than alcohol.  Prohibition showed the effectiveness of making it flatly illegal, just make it expensive and let the people that want to be stoned out of their mind pay for the education of our children (via taxes).  Not only do we get the savings on incarceration, the benefits of more people in the workforce (from not being in jail), we take the money away from organized crime and put it into the coffers of the state.  For parity sake alone, I want to know why the same split on the tax of alcohol isn't in place?  Why isn't the money from booze earmarked for education, and substance abuse prevention?

Finally Obama.  I wasn't ready to picket the Supreme court over any review of Roe v. Wade, but it's too important to not personally become involved in.  That type of fight seems unlikely now and even if it did appear based on the Obamacare decision Chief Justice Roberts may not be the conservative Congress and GWB thought they were getting.

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  1. Agreed, agreed and agreed.

    Even though I'm Canadian.