Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Holy shit snacks

So, I've been tasked with getting together a e-waste policy for our company.  I've been looking around at other e-waste policies on the internet and keep finding references to the EPA regulation that are applicable so I decided to decipher them.  Here's the link, take and aspirin now you'll thank me in a few minutes.

 I've had this type of out of body experience before, (I'm some sort of masochist and try to read laws from time to time).  For instance go a head and try to figure out what the crazy old white dude the patriot act actually says.  It's fine, go read it. I've got a few weeks.  The majority of or elected body didn't actually read it.  Why? It's hard to decipher, and just references a bunch of different sections of the code to adjust language here and there.  It loosened definitions and changed the burden proof there.

Any how, yeah so that's what I'm trying to do.  Also I'm attempting this, I'm on 498.  Time to upgrade to Spotify premium.

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