Thursday, August 23, 2012

Electronics cross post

Just a cross post to let people know I did an actual post on that other dumb blog about Electronics kits for kids.

So as all parents tend to do, I project the things that I wish that I had done onto my child and have been very excited about the prospect of teaching someone very young about electronics.

I previously had been interested in the Snap Circuits series[?] or here[?] of educational toys, but I'm sort of afraid that they are too limited (though very safe for little hands).  The Little Bits electronics kit looks more polished and will give a more compact finished product, but I'm concerned about the tiny pieces ending up in kids mouths.  Snap Circuits advertises as for ages 8 and up, where as Little Bits doesn't specifically have an age group.

Both of these options have some great opportunities to teach not only responsibility (with somewhat dangerous parts), but hopefully pique my child's interest in electronics.


  1. I hope it works and you get your kid into electronics! But don't forget to get your kid into everything else too! (art, sports, woodwork, mathmatics, science, ect.)

  2. I remember wiring Morse-code stations around my parents house so that me and my sister could chat from different rooms...then mobile phones came along and ruined it all