Monday, November 21, 2011

Cider Syrup

image via Saveur (credit MacKenzie Smith)

So another gem from the people out in Brooklyn. I'm kind of a cider whore as it is, so if someone posts a way to use it that I hadn't thought of you know it's gonna get crazy for me. This is boiled cider, or cider syrup. They do exactly what you imagine it is they do and boil apple cider down until it is the consistancy of maple syrup and use it for cooking and making cocktails. Saveur turned me onto the idea no doubt with their cider syrup and whiskey toddy, but this blog really made the idea sing. They call it cider molasses, and use it on ice cream or in tea, and the idea that I'm most excited to try mixed with soda water on the rocks.  The picture is whiskey and cider syrup, with a very fancy ice cube.

Thanksgiving is at my house this year, and one thing I am working coming up with is a desert to wow the family.  Barring that I may try to wow them with awesome drink options, either way I believe that will be some boiled cider in my house soon.



  1. Anonymous5:18 AM

    mmmm, seems yummy.

  2. Hmm, looks deliscious!

  3. Whiskey and cider syrup? I'm a whiskey whore, and that sounds fantastic. Bookmarked!

  4. The fermented concoction I've been drinking lately tastes like "really" hard cider, but it has no apples in it whatsoever - it's just sugar, water, molasses, and yeast.

  5. looks great, I want to try it

  6. mmm I could go for some cider right about now.