Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Always some new scandal - Update

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And there you have it folks, Apple admits that they where doing it and will fix it in an upcoming software update.

It seems a little convenient that its a "bug" that caused the phone to keep so much info, but Mr. Jobs hates to get called out for anything so I assume this is a face saving measure.  Call it what you will, it was and is a concern so don't be to blasé about the importance of customers information Apple.  Also, I'm curious for those with capped data plans, how much and how often the data that is sent to Apple in an "anonymous and encrypted form."  It seems that this should be an opt-in given that you are using iPhone owners data (and data plans) to build services.  Don't assume that because most people will want this that everyone will want to participate in making your traffic service.  iPhones are not just millions of data nodes for the company to utilize as they see fit, the devices are owned by customers and Apple needs to respect that.  This isn't just another part of the Fiat Jobso.  Just ask, your customers are very loyal (sickeningly so), but don't assume you have can just take it.

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