Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Couchdb isn't making fun

My only comment in months thinks this is making fun of me.

I guess miss how he is making fun, but given that he used a medium that I am positive is a waste of electricity to do it, meh.  I imagine that he would disagree with my opinion about his product, and I am sure that CouchDB isn't a one trick pony so if he doesn't see it as a threat to his business model good for him. 

The first time I heard of Couchdb was in relation to its offline capabilities, so that is really the only thought/impression of the software I have.  With all the more press I see about CouchDB it is probably the only opinion others have too.  I thought that since Google is more or less abandoning Gears in favor of supporting the standards process with HTML5, I though that the offline capabilities of CouchDB would be an obvious next to fall.

Either way, Damien Katz visited my blog that makes me feel special.  I suppose I managed to heckle Hugh into commenting here too, so apparently you never know how much vanity searching is going on on the web.

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