Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Oh how I hope twitter dies

Oh, the twits in this life. Today I came up with what I will start calling people that use twitter, twits.

140 characters of wasted breath.

That was my twitter tribute for the day, did you notice it was 140 characters? This is the breadth of the message that twits are able to transfer, you to say more, but have to abandon English and move to l337 abbreviations @othertwits and the other insular, pointless jargon they create to accommodate a service that isn't worth the electricity that it takes to keep the servers running. Ask the twitter twits how they hope to make money. No really go ahead.

I have a shorter answer, they won't. Interesting how Evan's other ventures don't make money either. Ask Google, if they can show you how Blogger has made them money and all your likely to find out is that it doesn't make money on it own. So Mr. Williams "successful" project actually only is useful to help Adsense get more web property displaying ads, and building Google goodwill. Odeo was an abject failure, in idea, timing, and execution and now the twit has convinced other twits to tweet. Good on ya, but I cannot wait for this fad to die.

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