Monday, May 03, 2010

The World Conspires to Make Us Less Than We Are

A great quote from Hugh MacLeod's email list.

Success for me was a log time coming. It probably took three times as long than it should have, maybe. "Better late than never" and all that...

That "the world would ALWAYS conspire to make me something less than I am", was something I learned very early, the hard way.

Fort the longest time, I was quite angry and bitter about that. I was young and stupid then, of course.

But eventually I realized, hey, it wasn't just me. It conspires against everybody.

Knowing this allowed me to not take it personally. Not taking it personally allowed me to act.

It's one of those lessons that in an ideal world, it should take you a minute. Instead, it often takes decades.

Again, better late than never...

Hugh Macleod

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