Saturday, April 12, 2008

Working for cheap

So I haven't been up to much projectwise lately as I have been spending a lot of time doing the good son/grandson/son-in-law etc. lately. This weekend will be pretty much shot on installing cabinets for my father, rebuilding a pc for my aunt-in-law, and another pc for the Grandparents. I blame my mother-in law for the most of the work, as she got a new pc and wanted to gift her old one to her sister. My mom heard about that and asked me to cook up a computer for the grandparents. Apparently they got off the dial-up internet and the PII 350mhz is not cutting it for the internet age anymore. The good news is that they are the same motherboard so all I need to get one setup, patched up and ready so I can image it and go.

Oh well, between that and the xbox360 there is little project work being done. I have one project cooking to re-arrange my network project box and a shopping list for a new media center setup. With a HDTV, my wife is asking for HD content.

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