Wednesday, April 16, 2008

iPod Classic not as good as the original

I purchased an iPod Classic for my wife hopping to use it with some of the cool video accessories in the market, only to find out that Jobso decided to screw his customers by requiring new decoder chips to play video off of them. Decoder chips that can only be bought from Apple as far as I know, thereby ensuring that if you make an iPod accessory you had to register and pay tithe for the privilege of building iPod accessories. So that lovely iLuv 1155 I bought won't work with her new GD iPod. Lucky for me, I had a buddy that didn't use the video part of the iPod looking to get rid of a gen 5 30gb iPod on the cheap. I went from a 1 iPod household to a 2 iPod household because Jobs is a prick.

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