Monday, January 07, 2008

Fedex, always with the cheap....

In more ways than one, Fedex always brings the cheap. Cheap customer service, cheap drivers, cheap packaging. Awesome Fedex, I swear to as long as I live its UPS for me. Interception of packages is key to good delivery. You want to deliver to my house during the day, and I'm not home I should not have to wait for you to try 3 times and then have you hold it. If I cannot be home wouldn't it save you gas and money to not try 3 times? Wow, what is more highest cost fuel or holding a package?

Genius's at the top could use some help. UPS sees that gas is their biggest cost so they did something, well a couple of somethings about it. You (according to my dock master) failed to even show up today.

On a related note the Helio phone that my wife is drooling about, is not here. Somebody messed up and forgot to bring me my package, and then their customer service told me my only recourse if they don't deliver tomorrow is to wait because their drivers don't get in until after their pickup area closes unlike some other company I can think of.

In their defense it is a large convention center in WA so hard to miss I know, and they only manage to deliver stuff here about 4-600 other times a year so why make it this time. One of the bigger Fedex Kinkos operates there so the location might be a little fuzzy to their deliverys.

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