Saturday, January 12, 2008

Alright that was more than a little half cocked

I think that I may have been out of line with my Fedex Fiasco post, going off half cocked was not the best solution and I am sorry for lashing out.

That being said, I do feel that the criticism was valid and maybe there should be some examination of what your competitors are doing right. This is the 3rd package this year that I have received via Fedex ground or Home Delivery, and every time there has been some trouble. Contrast that with 4 packages from UPS, and every one of those I had held at the facility for pickup.

Think about that for a second. I don't want you to drop off packages to my house, I have had packages and mail stolen from my home. As a result I am not comfortable with the "leave and pray strategy" of package and mail delivery. My incoming mail goes into a locking mailbox, and I send my mail from the Blue Mail drop off points, and UPS lets me have my packages held for pickup (DHL has as well). You are the only company that only holds for pickup after 3 failed delivery attempts.

That means you want a driver to get into a truck and drive from your facility in Redmond I believe, to my house 20 some miles away 3 times before you are willing to hold it for me to come get it. I along with most residents of Washington have a job that keeps me at work from the hours of 8am to 5pm. That means that I will not be home to sign for my package, nor will most people. Imagine that this is true for 50% of your intended recipients, that means that half the time your drivers have to leave packages unattended on doorsteps or try 3 times to get a signature. If 75% of the 50% are fine with you leaving the package on their doorstep that means that 12.5% would like to have the option to have the package held.

Am I wrong? I don't know your company manager have to be gathering metrics on this, and if they aren't well then I am amazed Fedex is still in business.

On a completely related note my Helio Ocean is here!

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