Monday, January 14, 2008

CES threw up all over Google Reader

Okay, so CES happened and I still have over 1000 unread articles and way, way too much to respond information to digest and respond to.

Tidbits: Engadget had an article about the possibility of ISP level content filtering and suggested that the answer would be to switch to a different provider should this occur. I think that this has been trotted out enough times that it was answered sufficiently some time ago, but I will rehash for them:

Not every one has multiple options for internet service, especially highspeed internet access. In my case in the Pacific NorthWest I have several the Majors Qwest and Comcast, and several minors SpeakEasy (serviced by Covad), Satellite, (randomly Verizion claims that I am in their dsl coverage zone too), and finally Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless data plans. That is for me very near Seattle. My Parents don't have that luxury.

In North Idaho, neither Cable nor Verizon's DSL is offered. Their remaining options are Cellular Data (Sprint and AT&T have pretty good coverage out there), Satellite, or dial-up. They are less than 2 miles away from Adelphia's main Campus on the Edge of Hayden, Rathdrum/Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene. Should they be conscientious objectors to the filtering of internet content what dear Engadget should they do? My point is the gatekeepers are few, and we are relatively powerless (individually) to do anything about it.

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