Sunday, May 06, 2007

Recyling Compactor with style: The ecopod

If you are like most people that grew up in the 90's then you probably have heard of recycling. Whats more you probably think that it is not only a noble goal, but one of the best ways that we can help save the planet. Often times the burden of recycling can be a little heavy, especially when you find yourself in small living environments.

The Ecopod recycling center, not to be confused with the Ecopod coffin, is an attractive way to help store your recycling without sacrificing on looks. The Ecopod can crush plastic and aluminum containers and keep up to fifty of them in a plastic container that slides out for easy transfer to a curbside recycling bin.

I believe that even for something designed by BMW $328 is a tad steep, but if I had the cash to blow I would totally have one or 2 of these. You can find them at Williams Sanoma or

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