Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A La Carte Pricing Cable

In November of 2005 the FCC submitted a report that the market would bear A La Carte Pricing, Senator McCain even indicated that this looked like a good choice for customers. What happened to this initiative? It seems to me that most of the whining about "cost to implement" could be handily taken care of by the Cable Card initiative if they would quit drag-assing on that. I get the feeling that the Cable operators are hoping if the implement Cable cards poorly enough no one will want one, and thus fulfilling their own prophecy (or personal wish).

I live in a household with 3 adults and utilize a grad total of 10 channels. 10! this puts me well below the threshold that the FCC and the Senate identified as 17-20 being the break-even. If I could pay half as much, you bet I want that.

Alternatel7y the state sponsored monopoly could admit it makes money on the "introductory rate" subscribers ($33/mo on Comcast Seattle) and just make that the base rate. I probably would be happy to stay at that rate, it doesn't offend me.

Anyone know what happened to this? I cannot find any current news on it.


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