Friday, April 27, 2007

So far 9/11 isn't your best selling point Giuliani

In my wanderings of the web I found this little snippet of Joy

If one of them gets elected, it sounds to me like we're going on the defense, he said. We've got a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. We're going to wave the white flag there. We're going to try to cut back on the Patriot Act. We're going to cut back on electronic surveillance. We're going to cut back on interrogation. We're going to cut back, cut back, cut back, and we'll be back in our pre-September 11 mentality of being on defense.

source: Washington Post

The comments of Mr. Giuliani are deplorable. I think that he, as would anyone, would have been caught looking just as hard as his constituent GW Bush was on the eve of 9/11. To insinuate that a political party as a whole is inept enough to allow another terrorist on the scale of 9/11 truly for me symbolizes all that has gone wrong with the American political system. I believe that you did an excellent job dealing with the aftermath of that tragedy, and deserve to be remembered for those hours of struggle, and calm you gave the nation. I do have to protest your parading it out, and pointing to yourself in such a gross manner. Don't languish an otherwise laudable record for temporary gain, it doesn't befit the office you left, and certainly doesn't trumpet your excellence for the job which you are applying.

For some backlash and interesting points Main St. USA has a excellent clip from Keith Olbermann that really drives home what I am saying. I do however, think that Keith could have kept the focus on Rudy's track record, and left Bush out of it. GW has his own track record to square with, no need to force it onto other republicans as well.

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