Monday, April 09, 2007

How is eBay the only show in town?

Tell your friends, and family don't use these clowns.

Found this one on and cannot say that I am surprised. The last several times that I have tried to find anything on that catch all of garbage I was overwhelmed with how few actual products where being sold, most of what is being sold is either freely available from the manufactures site, or "services"/"information" related to making money or getting rich quickly.

From the article that Giz linked the author assumed that the person that purchased the laptop was high, but I think this comment nailed it:

"Maybe not the same in this case but something similar happened to me recently. I put $800 worth of hardware up for sale on eBay and someone bid $5000. They then insisted that they had put the money in my PayPal account, even emailed me receipts etc but PayPal showed nothing. They kept insisting that I ship the stuff they said they bought. In the end it turned out to be a scam with a stolen account. Ever since that I've had a ton of email insisting that payment has been sent for all sorts of stuff I never put up for sale. In the end I closed my eBay account.

Posted by: Graham Heyes"

eBay is definitely circling the toilet, but I will had it to PayPal's support staff. It took less time for them to answer the phone and route my call to the correct department, and even resolve my issue than it did to write this post.

It isn't slowing down the number of phishing scams, or other issues that PayPal has, but at least when you call someone answered the phone (even if you really had to look for that support number.)


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