Saturday, April 28, 2007

Patio Project

When my wife and I first bought our home we always thought we would do something in the back. It was rather smallish for having a BBQ, and way too small for having any patio furniture. So with little trepidation we began our adventure of making a patio to extend the concrete slab to a more fun sized patio area.

For thost that have visited the house you know that we do not have direct access to our backyard from anywhere but through the house. Thankfully I have forced labor that has a positive outlook, she even smiled while we worked.

After clearing out about six inches of dirt around the patio in nearly 4.5 feet in most directions we found some treasures, and then began to grade and fill with gravel.

After the about 2.5 inches of gravel we put down 1.5 inches of sand and started laying bricks. I originally sketched this out on graphpaper and used a scale of .5 bricks per square and for some reason came up with a pattern that required nearly 30 cut bricks. Being much better in the spacial world I noticed that if I started from the other side and shifted out 1/2 a brick there would only need to be 10 total cut bricks.

And now the Goddess layer of bricks.

With the brick laying done, it was up to me to cut some bricks and make the fashion statement of the week.

Finished the patio looks fantastic, and in need of furniture.