Monday, October 09, 2006

Target if it is good enough for Walmart... Shutup

I read this article on CNN about Target warning movie studios about pricing on digital movie downloads and was reminded of a similar notice that came from Walmart just recently. I find it interesting that somehow retailers think that they have any and I mean any business telling other companies what market space they will be welcome in. Who asked Target if it was ok with someone selling a low quality, digital (with no dvd backup option), one brand product locked(ipod and itv only bitches), vaguely competing product? At best the iTunes movies are a supplemental product for people that don't shop at your stores anyway. (Unless my informal market research fails me) I don't see any hipsters rocking white headphones in your stores, do you Target?

This plan of attack worked really well for Walmart. I believe that this is just some chest thumping in a sad attempt to stay relevant rather than evolve. Hey Target, get a life.


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