Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Podcasting is Wasted Mindshare

Seems I cannot spend 5 minutes reading online or off anything vaguely related to technology without hearing about podcasting, and how it is revolutionary. My local radio station offers a concert calendar as podcast, Engadget does interviews, and god knows who else.

My question is why?

Most everyone that I have heard is not all that interesting, I could have read the transcript faster than downloading, and transferring to a pmp/iPod, and they contain no value. None. You podcasters out there are not as interesting or funny as you seem to think you are, and their is less information in any of those interviews than your standard eWeek (I have a low opinion of them as well). What is the fascination with this crap? Hands down if you are going to spend the effort, do a vLog. Not that they are inherently more useful, but at least the challenge of putting it together would shut up all but the most serious. The dirth of content, all most all filled with "um well" and "yeah, yeah" and other conversation filler is wasting space, time, and ultimately mindshare.

The brainpower devoted to this would be better spent picking your nose than spewing mental diarrhea all over the interweb for the masses RSS enjoyment.

Go cure cancer, or build something, or finish college you slackers. Or for the most novel of ideas ----- Get a job?!



  1. I've never visited your blog before, so I'm not sure if trolling is a regular tactic here, but whatever, I'll bite.

    I don't understand your problem, podcasting is simply a way of democratising audio and video content, like blogging. There are many professional journalists who are threatened by blogs and express much same sentiments as yourself - it's ameturish, get a job etc.

    If you're not into podcasts, don't subscribe. Personally there are few podcasts, mainly video, which I subscribe to and enjoy on a regular basis.

    Btw, what does "wasted mindshare" mean?

  2. I suppose an apt response would be if it is about democratizing what business does it have taking up the time of a CEO working in a non-technology related company. For instance I was reading an article in eWeek (whatever I was bored) and they were talking about the Manager of some Fortune 500 company recording a weekly Podcast for the employees.... and the point was? To capture that new energy "buzz" of podcasting I am guessing. In most cases when someone does a podcast if the time they wasted producing it they had typed the interview the content would have been moved more effectively.

    To my point I can finish the transcript of a 1 hr interview in about 15mins why because I don't have long pauses and armature ah, um taking up space (and I can skim the boring bits).

    Don't get my wrong I blog I get the idea of anyone can do it, I just don't know that everyone should (most of us aren't that interesting).

    Mindshare, iPods have the largest mindshare of the mobile content market, Google has the largest mindshare of the search market... etc. It relates to the amount of brainpower and interest being spent on a subject. In this case audio content distribution.

    Anyhow, thanks I for the comment nice to not be screaming in the dark for once.