Thursday, October 19, 2006

Oh I get it..... CableCARD

So I guess the conversation walked right by me (I never was a Tivo person just a MCE whore) on the whole CableCARD thing. I never understood that it was a plug in for my DVR to have access to the digital content of cable without having to have one of "their set top boxs" kudos to Engadget for clearing that up for me (though inadvertently). For some reason I just continually skimmed over the CableCARD articles because I just figured it was a "Tivo thing" and really Tivo is for those to lazy to build and run MCE or MYTH based DVRS.

I suppose that CableCARD is really the only thing that Tivo has left to cling to after alienating, and demoralizing their customers on multiple occasions.

I like the idea of an open standard that I can plug into my DVR/PVR and it takes care of the decrypting so my viewer of choice can give me the magic of recorded tv, and music, and movies and .... whatever else they dream up that I cannot live without.


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