Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Who bought all this crap?!?

So my wife and I have been married now for just over a year, and been living together for a little over two (get over it you puritan); and it occurred to me that we have a lot of crap. Most of it really isn't even something we use, or want; this begs the question: Who bought all this crap?

Don't get me wrong I love The Little Princess and all, but I have my suspicions that it may be her that bought it all. What with all the random computer and electronics laying about. Miscellaneous half finished electronic experiments, and hardware strewn about; I think I live with a closet technology whore. Either that or it is me.

Either way, since my little brother plans on living with us for a time, some of those piles need to find homes other than ours to stay in. As we mucked out the spare bedroom and the office it became abundantly clear that we have two pack rats and at least one shopping whore in the household and all of them have to leave if we ever hope to save enough chits to buy a home. I think that Craigslist and Goodwill will be getting more crap fodder in the very near future.


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