Thursday, June 22, 2006

Technology astounds Me

So there I was reading my techcrunch and suddenly a post jumped out at me so strongly I had to post.


Yeah, remember it because it may well be how you get your tech support from now on. I doesn't really fit into the hardware blog (being software) but I wanted to post about what a great way this is to monetize businesses that are hard to put value to. This gives the small guys a very powerful tool to monetize the "on the side" consulting business they do. I now can charge by the call, by the hour, however I want and have it paid to my by the company that handles the infrastructure.

Simply put brilliant, nice catch techcrunch.

In my line of work (technology) you find yourself constantly getting pulled onto side projects and helping people over the phone for things they should figure out for them selves. Family aside you end up supporting the onesy, twosey Ma and Pa friends of the neighbor and no real way to extract value out of that time. This prevents those calls just by letting them know that you value your time and they should too.

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