Thursday, March 16, 2006

Media center woes

I do love my media center, and it has become a fixture in our household. We use it only for tv at this point only because of the hardware that it is build on. In the future I do want to move to a dual core machine, but for now it runs on hardware available. The machine was stable all through the winter months and my wife came to love it. She was recoding her shows with a vcr and a huge pile of vhs tapes had accumulated. This was a great situation, until the machine started to act a little flaky. This nearly lead to my demise.

To be clear it wasn't my fault the temperature shot up in our area, the same busy 2 weeks that season finales of my wife's favorite shows where hitting. It missed the first half of the two part super episode of "Grey's Anatomy" that Dr. Burke gets shot in, and it missed the Finale of "Desperate Housewives".


Any how, I put in an in window AC unit to keep the office and the Rack cooled, and problem solved. Media center is stable again, and the wife is happy; though afraid to trust the media center again.

It has left me looking to upgrade the media center to have more tuners and maybe a dual core cpu. The load of 2 users is nearly too high as it is, and my little brother moving in with us will only serve to increase that load.


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