Wednesday, September 14, 2005

12hr Shifts are making me crazy

Ok so I work a crazy shift. I have 3 12's 8am to 8pm Fri., Sat, Sun. It basically means that on Sat and Sun I don't interact with people at all. That is like 24hrs out of 48 where I only see the person that works the opposite shift of me (8pm to 8am), my wife, and any homeless people that harass me when I go out looking for food. (Down Town Seattle is full of them, and with no respectable people in that area during the weekend they seem to multiply.

Anyhow all of this added together with my natural anti-social tendencies and all of my good friends moving away recently to pursue grad school leaves me a lonely computer building fool. I spent all 4 of my days off this last week working on a project that involved ear plugs and cutting metal. Talk about way internal for way way too long. I need to go out and do something or I may explode.

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